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Extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff. Best place in S. Florida for Anti-Aging. I was completely blown away by their professionalism & the genuine interest they expressed in my needs. They’ve got a client for life!

Yumon, E.Patient
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Always great service and attention. Nice staff. My treatment started as a trial and based on results and attention I have became a long term customer. Definitely worth recommending it!

Armando, R.Patient
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I got to know Trident through a friend living in the area while I was looking for a new primary care doctor in downtown fort lauderdale. I am very happy with Trident. They are responsive and always follow up with me after a visit to make sure I have no further questions.Please feel free to contact me if you are planning to use their services and have any question about them.

Baldassarre, R.Patient

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Our services help change lives. Our doctors and team take great pride in providing the utmost in patient care and medical oversight so patients see real results and receive the support needed through their journey.

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When you choose Trident HRT, you’re getting a reliable and effective program designed for each specific patient, that will serve your entire body and your mind.

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