• Promote the healing of tendons, ligaments and bone injuries
  • Improving the utilization of body’s growth hormone
  • Increases vasodilation
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What it is: BPC-157 literally stands for “Body Protecting Compound” and is a combination of 15 amino acids that naturally occur in the body, primarily in the proteins that make up the acid in the stomach.


What it does: BPC-157 helps to improve the healing process in the body, especially in the gut, in tendons and ligaments and in muscles. It is a peptide that helps to upregulate the production of growth hormone, primarily in tendons and ligaments. It also increases nitric oxide (NO) release which stimulates blood flow to and from sites of inflammation or injury. BPC-157 has also been shown to maintain an anabolic (building) state during and after exercise as well as increasing angiogenic (blood vessel creation) healing.


Potential Benefits:  BPC-157 improves gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers (caused from IBD, alcohol consumption or overuse of NSAID’s), increases bone and joint growth, stimulates blood vessel production and fortification and shortens healing time of musculoskeletal injuries.